Whilst everyone is aware that savings throughout all government departments are imperative for the economic future of this country, unrealistic demands on the NHS to work on ever decreasing budgets can only be reflected in falling standards from a Health Service we have all come to value and wish to preserve.

The obvious solution when asked to save money is to reduce spending and unfortunately the easiest way the powers-that-be see this, is to "cut away" at an organisation's most valuable asset - its workforce.

Sadly, the front line staff of NHS hospitals is their most valuable asset and an immediate saving can be seen instantly by eliminating much of their workforce resulting in closed wards, prolonged waiting times and most of all, loss of expertise.

The remaining staff suffer from lowered moral endeavouring to maintain professional standards of care under ever increasing pressures to do more - which unfortunately, on some occasions can lead to unavoidable mistakes.  In some cases lack of time can be viewed as lack of caring - something which could not be further from the truth as these valuable professionals would not have embarked on a medical career without the very necessary element of "care".

So we urge Her Majesty's Government to spend some time and lots of thought pursuing efficiencies and savings within other areas and departments.  Do not take the obvious and easiest quick-fire solutions to the detriment of patients, staff and our wonderful National Health Service - the envy of the world.

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