As a member of the EU we have no choice but to allow all other members access to the UK.  However, we believe certain criteria should be applied to all requests to enter, EU and otherwise, and would summarise this in the form of the following five conditions:

1) A working knowledge of basic English.

2) A minimum of £3,000 in a British bank account.

3) A specific place to live.

4) A specific offer of employment.

5) No requests to be considered for State Benefits for at least three years.

As things stand the Police, Health Service, Social Services and many other organisations and Government Departments provide interpreters.  In addition, forms from many of these sources are issued in up to thirty two languages.  The cost of providing these services in all probability runs into many, many millions of pounds.

A recent example of the sheer ludicrousness in the way our Government conducts itself is a lady living in Edgware who was summoned for Jury Service.  She would willingly have attended but in accordance with the rules was declared ineligible as she was 70 years old.  Information was included with the summons which was translated into many languages.  How can a person who requires a translation of their responsibilities with regard to the procedures involved in a court case, realistically be expected to understand a British court case, be a competent juror and ensure a fair trial?

With regard to the second condition, we believe the depositing of the immigrant's own money and their details into our system would be an immediate deterrent for those whose motives for coming here may not be honourable.  In addition it would stop the drain on Social Services to provide the essentials required when first occupying a new home.

Condition four, a specific offer of employment, is not as harsh as it would seem on first sight. There is a lot of work out there which regrettably some of our own citizens feel beneath them or that they are unable to take on because of deficiencies in their education, which is a  yet another topic.  The existing numbers of valued EU and other immigrants, who legitimately work here, particularly in the big cities, provide a huge human back-up network for the future immigrants. This is ably demonstrated by the way pockets of particular nationalities grow in certain areas by word of mouth.  There are online employment agencies who specialise in placing immigrants in addition to the Job Centres, and with the advent of budget airlines and ferries the ability for a large sector of potential immigrants to visit and seek employment is not insurmountable.

Condition five would probably have the greatest impact on the burdens to our way of life, brought about by the mass immigration we have experienced in recent decades and which was encouraged by the Blair/Brown administrations. The compliance with the other conditions would go some way in weeding out those that want to come here for an easy ride and those that are unable to fully participate as a contributor to the country.  Immigration is a very demanding and complex issue but if left unregulated and unchecked will not only NOT be beneficial to the country but will reduce its ability to be the GREAT Britain or the UNITED Kingdom of which we are proud to be citizens.

With regard to access to the NHS we refer to a senior NHS Consultant Professor J Meirion Thomas, who has thoroughly researched the issue of Health Tourists, one aspect of spiralling costs as a result of immigration. He has worked for the NHS for 43 years, 31 as a Consultant Surgeon and sees the NHS being targeted by foreign patients who are ineligible for free care but get it anyway. His comments come in response to a proposal by Jeremy Hunt to charge non-EU Nationals coming to England for more than six months a pathetic £200 a year to access treatments.  The pitfalls in his view will be catastrophic in terms of implementation and costs, basically the scheme being the cheapest travel insurance ever devised and whilst having the best intentions will open up a whole can of worms and be almost impossible to put into effect, let along be cost effective!

In his view the cost of Health Tourism should be measured in terms of billions annually, a figure disputed by the Chair of the Royal College of G.P's Clare Gerada, but who could not be prevailed upon to provide the true costs!

The effect of mass immigration on G.Ps is another issue which would be addressed by applying conditions.  Individuals are assigned to surgeries and can have complex care problems, often coming from countries with little or no healthcare.  They attend sometimes with a cocktail of issues and various health problems and compounded by an inability speak English. This requires lengthy consultations with the GP and possibly an interpreter.  The cost to the taxpayers is enormous with the wait for an appointment for other patients sometimes running into weeks.

Some EU member countries have in place their own stipulations to which applicants have to adhere.  The Netherlands, for example, requires a form of residence permit before an agreement to rent accommodation can be entered into, in the recognised market place.  France likewise, requires a residence permit which will not be issued until certain documents have been produced at a police station.  These are usually, but not limited to, a birth and or marriage certificate, a bank statement from a French bank, and a letter from your employer detailing all your terms of employment.

To reiterate: Immigration is a demanding and complex issue and without doubt an emotional one too.  Nonetheless we believe it is imperative that our Government seriously address these issues as a matter of urgency.

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