Join us at a NAWC Event in 2017
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Do you give talks and would like to get on our list ?? Please contact us at our head office on Tel: 01708 730805


These are just a sample of the subjects that we have speakers on at our clubs, our list contains hundreds of talks, the current list can be obtained from your club secretary or requested by them via e-mail




Conservation, wildlife and animal welfare




General Interest

Health and Beauty


Magic, Mystery and Superstition


Travel, Countries and Cultures

Places of Interest to visit



Engaging Speakers

Check with the Speaker about fees and expenses or the size of donation they will expect on the first enquiry as some speakers increase their fees in January. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope and give a choice of dates.


Confirm arrangements by letter to avoid misunderstandings and make sure all your contact details are there, including mobile, email and the post code of the meeting place.


Give the Speaker clear instructions on how to find your hall if they are travelling by car or arrange a pick-up at the local station if they are travelling by rail and ensure they can get back in time to catch their train home.


Give your Chairman clear details of the Speaker's name and any background information you may have, to ensure the Speaker gets a good introduction.


Show your Speaker NAWC hospitality - make sure someone is on hand to show them the cloakroom or electrical socket etc. If they are good you may want to invite them along again and first impressions count.


Be realistic, do not ask them along for an 8.00 p.m. start if club members are usually still drifting in at 8.15! The Speaker should have a few moments to collect their thoughts but not be kept waiting.


Enjoy the talk and let Head Office know how it went (the positive and negative aspects) so we can improve our future service to you.