Interested in starting a club? 
Then we are only too pleased to give you assistance. You can contact our Head Office Staff by ringing us on 01708 730805 (Monday-Thursday 10 – 4) if you get the answer machine please leave your name and number and a short message and someone will get back to you. Our email address is or through this website.

We can give you all the information you need –

  • What sort of premises you can look at to hold your meetings.
  • How many other like minded people you will need to get going.
  • Ideas for free local speakers and possible paid speakers.
  • Places to advertise your proposed club.
  • How to hold your initial meeting with NAWC Officer there to help you and how to progress from there.
  • Printing of your leaflets and posters for the advertising campaign can be arranged through Head Office.
  • AND we will also be able to help you with some of the expense at the start.

Once up and running we provide Fact Sheets which will help your Officers in their positions on your Committee and also other information that will help your new Club thrive and prosper. Head Office staff and Officers are always on hand to give help and advice.

Don’t delay – contact us and find a rewarding past-time where you will have interesting talks, social events and possible outings. National events are held during the year with Conference, Weekend Schools and Workshops open to all. Finally you will make new friends and renew old friendships, meet others who have your interests and those who can show you new ones – in all an opportunity not to be missed.